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Engine oil is an essential component of your vehicle, because it reduces friction and wear on the moving parts inside your engine. As it does so, oil helps to remove residual impurities and helps to cool the mechanical components of your engine.

Although impurities are removed via an oil filter, the quality of your engine oil degrades over time, meaning it needs to be drained and replaced at regular intervals. How often you’ll need to do this will depend on a number of factors, including the make and model you drive, as well as your driving style and annual mileage. In general, we would advise customers to visit a local Euro Repar Car Service Centre for a service every year, or approximately every 9,000 miles, whichever comes first.

You don’t need to be told how important your brakes are when driving. They are essential for your safety, wherever you drive.

Every time you use your brakes, they’re put under extremely high stress. As the pads grip the discs to slow your vehicle down, friction creates heat. This causes both the brake pads and discs to wear out over time. Once they’ve reached their minimum level of thickness, you’ll need to have them replaced.



Every car needs regular maintenance to keep it on the road and running smoothly. In your vehicle handbook or maintenance guide, the manufacturer will have set out exactly what your vehicle needs at different stages in its life. For example, at 20,000 miles you may need to have spark plugs replaced, or at 40,000 miles your fuel filter may need to be checked.

At RB Car Care, we are happy to carry out any servicing requirements specific to your vehicle. We’ll always replace the engine oil and any necessary filters, and let you know about any other necessary work. Even if your vehicle is still under warranty, we’ll make sure it’s protected by following the manufacturer’s guidelines - just let us know when you book it in.

Whatever vehicle you drive, RB Car Care is equipped with the latest multibrand diagnostic tools. This helps us to understand exactly what’s needed and identify any faults.


The suspension system in your car relies on a number of components, including suspension arms and rods. However, the two major elements are the springs and shock absorbers. In general, springs can last the lifetime of a vehicle, except where they have been damaged. Shock absorbers on the other hand, are constantly moving, meaning they can wear out over time.

If you’ve noticed any change in your vehicle’s handling or road-holding ability, let a Euro Repar Car Service centre check your suspension for damage.